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Pregnancy Week 25

Two more weeks left of the second trimester. You are gearing up for the home stretch. Your baby’s sense of touch is starting to blossom.

3 mins to read Nov 1, 2018

You should be aware of these 25 weeks pregnant symptoms and signs.


By now you may sometimes wonder if your baby is taking salsa lessons in your womb. With her countless inter-belly antics and at times constant movement from one side of her little shelter to the other, she inevitably touches or hits the uterine wall (as always, don’t worry if you have a calm baby and don’t feel all this – no two babies are the same!). She touches and pushes with her hands and feet, her head or even her back. She is getting restless at times. Let her know you’re there by stroking your belly. She will feel it, and may even meet your hand as her sense of touch develops. These quiet sensory exchanges will help you bond even more with the little being growing inside you.



Did you know you were carrying a little dreamer around inside you? Researchers have found that babies can dream in the womb. They have noticed that, in some phases of sleep, unborn children move their eyeballs behind their eyelids quite clearly, as we all do.  Have you been sleeping well? Some mothers-to-be are troubled by bad dreams around this time during their pregnancies. Unfortunately, this is quite natural, because worries or problems accompany us into our sleep. Just remember this - it is a fairy-tale to believe that a dream is a premonition. Try to see worries as a positive signal. A bad dream really only shows that you are on the way to becoming a good mother. The baby isn’t even born yet and already, you are a protective mama bear!



Listen to your heart. And your cravings. Some women report not giving in to their food cravings because they think that the baby might get upset if they eat a curry. Not so! The baby doesn’t receive that curry as a direct serving; he receives only the aromatic experience through your amniotic fluid. The molecules, if you will. And your pleasure at having enjoyed what you have eaten. So go ahead, use the herbs and spices you enjoy – anything that gives taste is welcome. The only thing we would suggest you take it easy with is chilli. Hot peppers might irritate both of you!



Ankles been swelling? Here are some quick tips for relieving the problem. Two solutions, each the exact opposite of the other. Either sit back and put your feet up. Or get out and walk! Elevating your feet helps relieve the pressure on your legs and ankles. And walking allows your calves to activate blood circulation and carry fluid to other parts of your body. If, however, you also notice swelling in your face and/or your hands, see your doctor immediately. These symptoms may indicate pre-eclampsia, a kind of high blood pressure common in pregnancy.

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