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Managing the baby blues

Once your baby is there, you will surely tend to forget yourself, but a happy mom is a happy baby. Here are some tips to make sure the baby blues or postnatal anxiety doesn't get the upper hand. 

2 mins to read Jan 13, 2021
  • Talk to your friends and family if you think you have the baby blues. Many women experience some symptoms of baby blues immediately after giving birth. This is due to the sudden hormonal change that occurs after childbirth, combined with stress, isolation, lack of sleep and fatigue. You may feel more dejected, overwhelmed and emotionally fragile. 
  • Baby blues are perfectly normal, but if your symptoms don't go away after a few weeks or get worse, you may be suffering from postpartum depression. Read our checklist Baby Blues Signs vs Postpartum Depression to learn more. 
  • Talk to other young parents. They may be going through a similar period. 
  • Try to find a post-natal group or group of mothers to meet parents in the same situation. 
  • Try the places that organize breastfeeding support sessions, so you can express yourself with confidence. 
  • Try baby workshops or apps like MUSH to make new friends with parents. 
  • Try apps like Calm or other mediation and mindfulness apps. If you're lonely, check out our list of 10 baby-related activities that will benefit you. Check out how to handle this period HERE  
  • Consider seeing a health professional, they are there to help you. Ask your GP to tell you where to start. 
  • Stay active. A little exercise can have a surprising effect on your mood. 
  • Eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet. 
  • Think about going out a little every day, small walks with or without a baby are always beneficial. 
  • Try to give yourself time for simple things, like taking a shower, styling yourself... It can really make all the difference. 
  • Keep a diary of your emotions. Keeping noting how you feel every day can help you understand what makes you happy and what doesn't. 
  • Be easy on yourself. You do your best, it's not worth trying to be perfect. 
  • Ask your friends and family for help. A few fewer tasks on your list may be enough to improve the situation. 
  • Dad can also suffer from baby blues, check out our tips to help him overcome it. 
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